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Instant loans with theMoneyCard™

A better way to borrow...

  • Money in just 2 seconds!
  • Extra cashback on every loan

A better way to borrow...

The MoneyCard is the easiest, fastest way for us to get your money to you. Think of it as your virtual wallet. Whenever you need money, you can simply log in at, apply for a loan and – once it’s been approved – we’ll fund it directly to the MoneyCard in just 2 seconds. There’s no easier way to get instant cash in your hands.

When do I get my card?

You’ll receive your MoneyCard in the post shortly after you repay your first loan.

How it works

The MoneyCard revolutionises the way we deliver loans. From the moment you activate your MoneyCard, whenever you take out a loan on your smartphone, tablet or home computer, we’ll load it directly to the card.

Using the latest technology, we can load your loan to your MoneyCard in just 2 seconds. Wherever you are in the world. And the money’s ready for you to spend right away.

You can use your MoneyCard anywhere you see the VISA sign, just the same as you would any regular debit card. And we won’t charge you a penny for the privilege.*

Your money to use your way…

The MoneyCard is just another of the innovations that make a better way to borrow. Be sure to watch out for yours.

  • 2 seconds

    With the ultra-modern MoneyCard, we can deliver your loan in just 2 seconds. No one else can fund your loan as quickly as this.

  • Anywhere

    You can use your MoneyCard anywhere in the world where VISA is accepted. Shops, restaurants, bars, cinemas, ATMs and much, much more.

  • Zero charge

    You won’t be charged a penny for using your MoneyCard anywhere you see the VISA logo. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. FREE.*

  • Virtual wallet

    Think of this as your virtual wallet. We can get your loan to you quickly, cheaply and efficiently. It’s the next best thing to us meeting you and putting cash in your hand.

  • Savings

    It’s cheaper for us to fund your loan to your MoneyCard than your bank account. So every time we load a loan onto your card, we’ll give you even more money as a thank you.

  • Cashback

    Earn while you borrow. We’ll give you 2% cashback on every loan you take out.

Coming soon...

As time goes on we’ll be introducing a whole stream of offers associated to this card. So you’ll be able to save even more money as you shop at a variety of big name stores.

Save more money at the shops with the MoneyCard™
*There is a £1.50 charge for using your MoneyCard at ATMs in the UK. There is a £2.25 charge for using your card at ATMs overseas. Some ATMs may charge an additional fee and should advise you before you confirm the transaction. ... a better way to borrow